How to Become an Exceptional IT Manager

IT work is boring, at least it is for most people. But for others, a chosen few, the ability to build and work with Computers and transform the world around them using this computers is everything. So you are passionate for a career in seo content and skilled at it to. How then do you avoid been in a dead end job as a data entry personnel or worse unappreciated tech support staff?


The Secrets that they didn’t tell you in school


Secret 1:- You are not the only one, always remember that. There are others like you exceptionally good, skilful and sharks at that. They won’t let up until there at the top and become the next Mark Zuckerberg, and so should you.


Secret 2:- Problem solvers go ahead. You need to see the leak before it occurs and find a way to avoid it from occurring. See the security challenge and avoid the hack, see that data entry challenge and find ways to make it easier.


Secret 3:- It’s possible to climb the ladder and get there earlier. The only condition to this secret is hard work. But hard work that is diligent, smart and impressive. Hard work that satisfies both clients and makes the right people notice you.


Secret 4:- Efficiency is key. As an IT manger you need to learn how to work with the resources allocated. The money, the human capital, the time and space despite the resource limitation you need to learn how to make it work.


Secret 5:- detailed oriented people make for the best IT manger. The people who see the crack on seemingly smooth wall go farther than their counterparts who wait to see the crack. But beyond this is someone who can implement detailed solutions to a problem to avoid reoccurrence.


Secret 6:- you need to clock the necessary amount of time to make you an expert. No one wakes up knowing how to do something but they work towards knowing and more than that been the best at it. Practise makes perfect.


Secret 7:- they lied when they told you, you would only be working with computers. You need to develop and sharpen your social skills. It will become a necessary asset to interact with your co-workers and clients alike.


Secret 8:- it’s a career path full of obstacles. You need to be prepared to see the hurdles and learn how to jump them. From resistant management to uncooperative co-workers, to jealousy and pride you need to see it all coming and know how to navigate it all.